Original: Kitayume
LJ Post, 2, 3

U, uugh... Where is this place...!?
There's only so many surprises one can handle aru!
It so dark I can't see anything...
Hong Kong! Hong Kong are you here!?
U, uun... like you're noisy...
Hurry and wake up!!
We're gong to say good bye to now!
What is it sensei. I want to take a leisurely snooze.
Don't relax in a weird place like this aru!
We're leaving immediately! Help me find the exit!
Ah, as a Hong Konger I, like,
can't stand this pitch darkness.
Where are you aru?
Here, over here.
Like, you make your way over here please.
Aah, all right aru,
my eyes are getting used to the darkness now....

Hong Kong you had an interest in cross dressing!?

Huh? Are you still drunk?
...In any case, sensei,
you're outfit is totally hilarious.


*flash flash flash flash*
Stop taking pictures with you cellllllll!!
Oh... if you have a cell we can call for help.
I'll be sleeping over there so hurry up and make the call aru...
Like, no signal
Urgh... I didn't mass produce that cell for you to take pictures of me like this aru!!

...Anyway sensei. We don't right, like,
know what the culprit wants right,
but you could use your 4000 years worth of knowledge to figure it out right.

How many times do you need to say right!
Wait a second aru. Even a sage...
has stuff that they don't know about... aru!
Well whatever, right.
The way you're dressed is still hilarious.
Aaagh just be quiet aru!!
You're dressed up too!! It's strange too!?
Why are you a maid!?
Like, is it really that strange?
It most certainly dulls my thinking abilities for sure.
Well, well…

Preferring to be naked instead of wearing a maid's outfit.

If this was a movie Jackie would have done the same thing!!
But Jackie would at least something covering his lower body aru!?
Right, like you don't know that scene where he's strung upside down naked.
He didn't voluntarily strip!!
Argh, you!
But really, when you're not a cross dresser,
being dressed like this is kind of repulsing aru.
In any case, I'd like it if you'd cover your front aru.
For real?

Like, I get it.
It probably would be easier to move anyway.

I'm glad you understand...



Now it's easier to move.
Well I guess I'm like in charge of finding the exit, right?
That's right.
I want to wear my stretched out T-shirt and scraggy shorts and curl up in a blanket and smirk at the magazine I'm reading and laze around as soon as possible!
Sensei should really think about what his casual wear looks like more often.
There’s clothing that's easy to move in and is age appropriate aru... Hm?


Also I want cake!
One without that blobby butter cream!
And I want melon soda powder too!

Ohh, right. You like those sort of things.
Your request is almost the same as last years!
What is it, sir?

Ah, it's nothing...
This is... as a parent or should I say brother,
well in any case it's a personal duty for me...
(I won't give him any formal recognition though.)

It must be hard...
So anyway please gimme a present!!
Unfortunately, both I and the Royal Household are busy,
so this year we're not celebrating Christmas.
Too bad for you. You'll receive no presents from me!!
There are no presents from me.
There might be one mixed in with the cargo that arrived at your house yesterday, so go look for it.



England jerk...
If you do such gimmicky things girls will avoid you, you know?

Ah, right... I didn't... it doesn't really mean anything. Quite.
It's just an introduction quite like the English gentlemen often say.

Are you ok sir...!?

I'm fine...
Say, could you go buy me some books on child care and education?
Right... Child care and education... is it.

Chin up, sir!
Things don't go smoothly the first time 'round for anyone!
It's not my first time...
...My apologies.

If you're feeling lost sir, you should imagine yourself at your best.
It’s strange, but you start seeing things clearly and you'll figure out how to proceed...
...Forget I said anything.

Really, cheer up please...
R, right... I'm just fine and dandy...
England jerk~
A werid person came but is it England jerk's doing?
I don't remember calling anyone though. Are you ok?
I sucker punched him and he's out cold right now....
Isn't it best to throw him into ocean now?
I'm gong to do some investigating first! Sea-kun is strong!
He hung up...


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